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Over 25 years of practice and experience in the profession of dentist, it is a guarantee that I approach each patient individually, empathically with full understanding and professionalism in the full word of the meaning. I treat my work as a mission. In my offer addressed to children and adolescents as well as adults and seniors you will find plenty of opportunities to get a healthy and beautiful smile. I provide my patients with treatment using the latest technologies. I understand that each patient has a different emotional and material approach to the problem of dental treatment. The initial consultation it performs includes the following aspects:
- selection of the best and most lasting method of treatment in individual cases
- information on any indications and contraindications of the chosen method
- providing consultations of a specialist in another field in case of need
- answers to all bothering questions about alternative treatments
- calculation of the duration of the treatment period and the cost of the dental service
A visit to the dentist often involves a stressful experience not only in adults, but especially in children. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare for the treatment of the youngest patients, so that in the future they are not afraid of visits in dental offices. According to the principle that "prevention is better than cure". Prophylaxis, which I always particularly encourage includes all activities and methods to prevent tooth diseases. During the first visit, I devote time not only to diagnostics, but above all to a thorough interview and understanding the needs and expectations of the patient. I offer you full dental care and a comprehensive action plan, which guarantees satisfaction with the effects of treatment for a long time. Every day I make every effort to ensure that the treatment takes place in a friendly atmosphere with high standards, because patient satisfaction is my most important goal and priority. The ever-growing circle of my satisfied pupils confirms my belief that the path I have chosen based on effective and modern methods of dental treatment is right.

Yours faithfully,
Artur Nidzgorski

"Choose the job you love and you will not have to work for one day in your life."

Artur Nidzgorski

ul. Jana Janowicza 4/76, Olsztyn

601 613 716



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